THIS brand anti-rust lubricant.

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Generally, the metal placed in outdoor or open air conditions will be 

rusted easily, it does not only affect the appearance of quality but also 

affect the painting and other processes. Everyone should dealt with in 

a timely or cause the scrapped resulting in unnecessary economic losses, 

and destroy the environment. Okay, next we talk the directions of THIS 

anti-rust lubricant.

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anti-rust lubricant

1.remove the loose floating rust, broken oxide, welding slag soil, which on steel surface.

2.Spray the surface and brush twice the effect is better(first time after drying and then spray, brush the second time), force to brush back and forth several times on severe corrosive parts.

3.Brush the anti-rust primer after spraying the anti-rust lubricant 2-4 hours.

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Last is the attention:

1.Placed in a cool and ventilated place, the storage temperature of 5-35 ℃.

2.Do protective measures (Wear glasses, rubber gloves, wear labor insurance service, rubber shoes)

3.If you accidentally spill liquid into the eye, should immediately rinse with water or seek medical advice. Do not swallow this product.

4.Avoid children touching.

 anti-rust lubricant