Are you ever bothered by the bad smell, and then fear others to smell it,

so you will feel embarrass.You will feel uncomfortable when the bad 

smell at your home, office or car, you need to eliminate these smell 

at once or you will get crazy. 

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THIS Air Freshener will help you to solve this problem, THIS Air 

Freshener through the distribution of fragrance to cover up the smell, 

reduce the uncomfortable feeling.Here are five different packing in the pictures, 

Apple, Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Lemon. The attractive new packing is very popular 

and designed by our design director, THIS Air Freshener deeply popularize 

in this Canton Fair by the new design. But this is not the only reason 

why you choose us. THIS Air Freshener ingredient is controlled 

within a reasonable range, so you can rest assured to use.

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Next, little Comma would like to talk about some relevant knowledge about air freshener. Actually, Air freshener is to cover up the smell, it can not fundamentally eliminate the smell. So the significant is to find the source of the smell and clear.


1. Do not use in indoor of infants and young children, asthma patients, allergies and allergic diseases.

2. When spraying the air freshener, it is best to temporarily evacuate the scene, until most of the aerosol or particulate matter after the settlement into the room before entering the best ventilation.

3. Toilet and bathroom deodorant should use gas air freshener.

4. Can not be too dependent on the air freshener, should fundamentally find the cause of stench and completely clear so that the room air really fresh.

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THIS C1-52 Air Freshener specification is 300Ml, here we got the 

mini air freshener C1-60 60Ml, it also has a new design. The mini air freshener 

will be portable, you can put it in your bag, they also with lasting fragrance, let 

your car, office and living room full of fragrance and feel this better thing.

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This is the new series, if you are interested in this series, please feel 

free to contact us. Okay, that is today’s THIS TALK, if you have any 

questions, please leave a message to us.Thanks for your reading. 

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