Hello, everyone.Welcome to today’s THIS TALK.As I begin this article, I’d like to share one 

sentence to you all, “Alive, is to change the world” by Steve Jobs.There is a worth celebrating,

 that is, you live, you have infinite possibilities.So, today is a good day, what bad things 

can not handle it? Okay, Let’s turn back to today’s THIS TALK. Today, little Comma would 

like to introduce one emergency products.When your tires are broken on highways, and 

you can’t find a garage to repair.The emergency products that are introduced today 

will solve these problems.

Tire sealant & inflator (3)_副本.jpg

THIS Tire Sealer & Inflator is portable and easy to use, tire repair without any 

tools, it’s unnecessary to disassemble the tires, it can be completed tire and 

inflatable within one minute.The Tire Sealer & Inflator let the car vibrant again,

and save the trouble of changing tires, save the time and cost of waiting for the 

trailer. It can solve your urgent needs can be prepared from time to time.

Tire sealant & inflator (1)_副本.jpg

Next is the direction:

1.Shake for a few seconds

2.Connect the tire inflation to the tire valve

3.Remove the protective cover, press the valve can be inflated tire side edge

4.After filling, connect the valve gently pull out, cover the valve cap

Starting the car and driving 2-3 minutes, let the liquid distributed in tire evenly, trapping effects can be achieved

Tire sealant & inflator (4).jpg


1.Storage temperature: below 45℃

2.Dry, cool conditions, far away from fire

3.inner tire burst leak can not be used

Okay, that’s all for today’s THIS TALK, if you have any questions, please leave a message for us, we will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for you reading.


Alibaba Web: 1. https://this.en.alibaba.com