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Today, we’d like to introduce a well-known car care products, that is clean the carburetor choke, regulating valve without dismantling the car parts, soak quickly, loose and remove the carburetor automatic choke, PVC tap, ERG tap, orifice and another colloid, coke, grease in parts. Use the spray tape will remove the dirt more easily, catalyst the converter.

It can not destroy the oxygen sensor plug, it also could solve Idle instability, hard to start the engine and etc.To achieve the aim of saving fuel, reducing emission, and maintaining.Okay, I said so much actually it is a cleaner. hah~~~


Now, let little Comma tell you how to use the carb choke cleaner:

1.Take off the air filter on the carburetor, start the engine, keep idling.

2.Shake well and install the red pipe into blow head.

3.Spray (1/3) into float chamber of carburetor from balance hole, this part will flow to clean orifice and oil-way.

4.Spray(1/3) into carburetor choke and inwall.

5.Spray the rest into the external carburetor to clean the clay colloid.

6.Clean after 5-6km or special maintenance.

photobank (13).jpg

1.This product is flammable and explosive, please use in ventilated environment, keep away from the fire.

2.Storage in below 50℃.

3.Handle with care, no pressure or explode.

4.Avoid contact with eyes and swallow, do not contact with the skin for a long time.


We adhere to a principle all the time, Green And Love your home, about the discarded disposal: 

1.Prohibit discard in the field without being deflated, or explode.

2.Not in fire burning.

3.When working, prohibit fire and turn off the phone, keep away from the fire.first open a small hole in the valve with a nail to put the gas, after 30 minutes, expand the hole and release the liquid.


①When releasing, do not toward eyes.rinsing with water immediately if contact with eyes. Then hospitalize, or will hurt the eyes and also be subject to loss of vision.

②The liquid should unified collection, do not pour in the wild. The can should be placed over one day to prevent excessive pressure explosion.Meanwhile, do a job of fire prevention work.

4.Pay attention to fire when handling the waste can because of the residual liquid in the can. The waste liquid is flammable and explosive materials, find a safe place to store.


Last, little Comma want to insert one picture, that appears on the top "Reshape hero's nature"


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